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Bokid Collection handwoven abaca rugs


Discover a new and exquisite lifestyle with hand-woven abaca rugs, textiles, and adornments for your home.

Pamela Coumans
Photo by Amanda Christan

BOKID, a collection of hand-woven rugs and textiles made of abaca tree leafstalk fiber, a raw material indigenous to the Philippines. The abaca fiber is know for its versatility. Each part of the tree has found its use in the design world. The outermost part has been used to fabricate furnishings, the inner stalk has been used to make rugs, and the innermost core has been used to fabricate paper and textile. 

BOKID was launched in 2003, standing by the philosophy of traditional Filipino hand-weaving, advocating for hand craftmanship over machineries. Nature has created abaca tree to exceed in quality and performance for commercial distribution. It is a sustainable and harvested raw material, known to produce leafstalk of extensive length up to 30 feet. 

It is our privilege to offer our clients products by excellent artisans, give access to the exquisite craftmanship of Filipinos, and bringing the finest rugs and fabrics to homes around the world.


Coming Soon

Bokid Collection line of custom design patterns by Pamela Coumans

Coming Soon

Bokid Collection abaca rug samples and textile
Bokid Collection abaca handweaving process

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